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iCShop (Beta)

Want to bring life to your server? Tired of those annoying WTS messages?

Introducing iCShop.

Let your players be the one in charge, let them have shops, create groups to solely create shops for players, or use a global shop and only sell with that.

The possibilities are endless.

iCShop Usage


IncDB stands for Item name control Database. It is the items.db found inside the iConomy/ folder inside the archive. It controls what item names you can use inside the iConomy setup mapped via ids. The setup is easy for them simply do:

# id=name
Setting up the global shop

Global shop (if using flatfile, will be located in iConomy/shops/global.shop otherwise its located in iShop) allows your players to buy and sell from anywhere on the map making it one of the greatest features in iCShop.

Flatfile information

Items in shops will be found in their .shop file conveniently located under the iConomy/shops/ directory. These shop files contain vital information for each shop on your server, this includes: creator, owner, position, and the items.

Adding an item

To setup an item simply open the .shop file and create a line like so:

# id=buy;bundle,sell;bundle,stock,
# Smooth Stone costs 10 for one block, you sell 64 for 2 coin, and stock starts at 1,000

The example I just gave is Smooth Stone. It will cost 10 Coin to purchase, 2 to sell, and has a stock of 1,000 blocks.

You can also use the in-game command:

# /shop [add|-a] [id] [buy] [sell] [stock(optional)]
/shop add 1 10 2 1000
Commands with Examples
[id] = item id, [amount] = number
[|] = OR (You can only use one. IE:
[a|b] = a OR b NOT a|b)
/shop [id|name] - Shows item information
	/shop 1
/shop [list] [shopname|buy|sell] [buy|sell|page #] [page #(only if you used shopname)]
	/shop list buy
	/shop list global buy
	/shop list sell 1
	/shop list global sell 1
/shop [sell|-s] - Sell the block in your hand up to max amount.
	/shop sell
/shop [buy|-b] [id] - Purchase a single block of [id]
	/shop buy 1
/shop [sell|-s] [id] - Sell a single block of [id]
	/shop sell 1
/shop [buy|-b] [id] [amount] - Purchase multiple amounts of [id]
	/shop buy 1 64
	/shop buy 1 1
/shop [sell|-s] [id] [amount] - Sell multiple amounts of [id]
	same as /shop buy
/shop [create|-c] [name] [forWho(optional)] - Create a shop for you or another player.
	/shop create MyShop
	/shop create MyShop DarkGrave
/shop [destroy|-d] [name] - Removes a shop from server.
	/shop destroy MyShop
/shop [add|-a] [id] [buy][:bundle amount(optional)] [sell][:bundle amount(optional)] [stock(optional)]
	/shop add 1 10 1:64
	/shop add 1 100:64 1:64 1000
	/shop add 1 100 1 1000
	/shop add 1 100 1
/shop [remove|-r] [shop|itemId] [shop-name(for removal)]
	/shop remove 1
	/shop remove shop MyShop
/shop [set] [buy|sell|restock] [id] [amount][:bundles] - Various self explanatory.
	/shop set buy 1 100
	/shop set sell 1 1:64
	/shop set restock 1 10
/shop [update|-u] [name|position] [shop-name]
	/shop update name MyNewShop
	/shop update position MyNewShop
Download v1.2b Now
Grab .updatr file.

Previous Releases

Version 1.1b .zip(12/31/10 2:52AM)
Version 1.0b .zip(12/29/10 7:53PM)


iConomy Version 1.9+
hMod Version 133+